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Trillian for Web: Version 2.0 now available and free for everyone!

Trillian for Web

Trillian 2.0 for Web is now available! With the 2.0 release, it’s now even easier than ever to use Trillian for Web as your full-time IM client when you’re away from your desktop. Listening closely to customer feedback, we’ve added a batch of great new features:

  • Facebook Chat
  • Avatars within the contact list
  • Sound preferences
  • Contact list views – simple, tiny, medium, large
  • Contact list management – drag and drop to re-arrange, deleting, renaming, etc
  • Status messages shown in message windows and the contact list
  • Enhanced connection manager settings – control XMPP server and port, privacy settings, and more
  • URL previews – try mousing over a URL to see a quick summary, useful for resolving shortened links
  • Language packs
  • Inline registration of new Astra Accounts

Additionally, we’ve decided to make the new version free for everyone! To offset the costs of running the service, we’ll be experimenting with different forms of advertising on an ongoing basis. For now, we’ve added a small banner ad on the top of the window showcasing Trillian for iPhone. You should expect additional changes to the experience as we iterate and tweak things, and we’ll be listening closely to customer feedback and ideas. Note that Pro customers will not see any advertising.


34 Responses to “Trillian for Web: Version 2.0 now available and free for everyone!”
  1. Guido Says:

    Cool… I guess. But pretty much useless to me until the chat history gets synced (still hoping, as the new banner says something about “records chat history”).

  2. Dilirius Cortez Says:


    On my Mac I prefer the Web Client than Adium or the Alpha of Trillian. Just looks great. One Question. The Ad Banner. Is it only for free Users? I bought the Pro Version and can’t see anything like it :)

  3. TrojanCentaur Says:

    @Dilirius: “Note that Pro customers will not see any advertising.”

    Less advertising is always a Good Thing. :D

    Not saying however that I don’t like the new idea! Brilliant thinking CS, love the new pricing model!


  4. p0fi Says:

    …well great work :) i like web version !

  5. JL Says:

    Awesome news! Thank you. Cerulean rocks.

  6. Toff Says:

    Really nice, guys! :]
    Love how it’s much more configurable now. Language packs are cool. There are still lots of things that remain in English (mostly connection settings), but it will be fixed soon, I guess.
    And what’s really great is that it’s free for everyone now. Would help luring my friends to Trillian for sure. :]

  7. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    That is some great news C.S. but it will not let me login. It keeps telling me periods and underscores etc in user name only. yet prior versions worked with me username which is same name as here.

  8. DiamondNRG Says:

    Works great here. :) Love that Pro users get a little something extra, always a good move. I wish there was a “Super Pro” level that I could pay for.

  9. ajm Says:

    @agnostic-stigmata: We just fixed that – thanks!

  10. Neanjo78 Says:

    great job! Love it.

  11. Peter Says:


  12. Peter Says:

    Dangit.. pressed something there by accident.

    What I meant to say was that now I can re-size the window and it doesn’t crash out on me! Yay!

  13. XAVIER Says:

    ok if someone could delete the 2 above posts i would appreciate it , im deeply sorry for the multiple posts.


    Just to recap.

    ( In order of priority )

    - OpenID support
    - IRC Support
    - Logging

    Would make the web interface 100% perfect. Usable , and something i would support for years to come.

  14. agnostic-stigmata Says:

    Thanks ajm for the quick fix. :)

  15. Scream81 Says:

    looks great so far!

  16. sanderg Says:

    Cannot use SSL anymore on, hence unable to access the site from behind our company proxy. Hopefully SSL support can be re-enabled!

  17. zorak950 Says:

    Is the client not working on Chrome for anyone else?

  18. P.Sperling Says:


    I noticed a bug, active Facebook chat contacts appear twice – as Jabber AND Facebook Chat contacts. I use Opera 10.50 and Adobe Flash Player

    PS Please add SIP support, something like Flaphone

  19. P.Sperling Says:

    Err, not only active abut also offline contacts appear twice.

  20. Mike Says:

    The online client dosnt work period. in IE or FF with Flash 10 installed.

  21. Scream81 Says:

    P.Sperling: thats no bug.
    You have activated both Jabber-Facebook and normal Facebook. you should deactivate one of them…

  22. Windows 8 Forums Says:

    I use the web interface daily, love the new update!

  23. DiamondNRG Says:

    @P.Sperling & Scream81…

    Actually that is because you are using XMPP plugin on your installed client, and the web version uses the new Facebook plugin (not yet available on the windows client) so its changing your contacts back to the Facebook medium. This only will happen to those of us that decided to play with XMPP for our facebook connections. They are working on figuring out a way to make it intelligently know those are facebook contacts and to remove them from the XMPP medium when adding them to the other medium.

    It is not a bug, just a glitch resulting in us having used a medium with a different name for our contacts.

  24. P.Sperling Says:


    Exactly, I just “cloned” all the settings from my desktop.Thanks for your detailed explanation.

    Anyway, the Web version of Trillian works very well with Opera 10.50. I prefer the desktop version when I work with my workstation and the Web version when I work with my netbook. I hope that the ads will be not aggressive (large flash ads which will burn the CPU of my netbook).

  25. P.Sperling Says:

    I deleted my Facebook jabber account from the Wqeb version of Trillian and I do not have doubled active contacts anymore. The thing is that the offline contacts remained doubled :-( Something is wrong here, because thae pink circles should not be there at all. I have no such problems with the desktop version of the program. A minor glitch indeed, but the glitch irritates me a bit.

  26. ketchupfreak88 Says:

    Would be greater, if one could synchronize the chat history between Trillian Clients and Trillian for Web. :>

  27. Dan Says:

    Not working in Chrome. Works fine in FF.

  28. Rapscallion0 Says:

    Looks great!!! Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Chrome :-( ….

  29. DiamondNRG Says:

    P.Sperling, deleting a connetion does not automatically make it remove the contacts. The “purple” circles are because you used the XMPP plugin to connect to Jabber on your desktop. It isn’t a glitch at all, its just the fact that the web and the desktop don’t use the same plugin setup right now so they don’t “share” facebook contacts. It will get sorted out nicely when 4.2 is finished.

  30. P.Sperling Says:

    DiamondNRG, thank you very much. It is all clear now.

    BTW, I also use the latest version of Chrome Plus ( and it works with Trillian, both in Chrome and IE modes.

  31. ajm Says:

    @Dan and @Rapscallion0: Try doing a Ctrl+F5 or hold Ctrl while clicking your Refresh button. Your Chrome is probably caching something that it shouldn’t be.

    Chrome, IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera should all work.

  32. Rapscallion0 Says:

    CRTL+F5 worked like a charm!! Thanks for the hint.

    Woohoo works in Chrome!!! ;-)

  33. Basz86 Says:

    wait a second, didn’t i throw 20bucks at you guys, for the prospect of no ads and web-chat?

    i mean, sweet, that its all free now and that you finally added facebook chat to webchat. but seriously, making people buy your stuff by saying, that that’ll be the only way they can do and use something, taking their money and than giving it free to everyone isn’t that cool.

    yes yes, i know, there is a huge list of other perks for beeing pro but seriously, ads?

  34. Basz86 Says:

    okay, nevermind about the ads, i didn’t rad the last sentence.